Gnarl·y (närlē) - adj.

Characterized by over the top; beyond radical; nasty; extreme pleasure; balls out dangerous, powerful and/or turbulent motion; perfection, or all of the above combined 

GNARLY RIDER® - A silicone saddle (*Patent Pending) that retrofits to an aquatic, elongated noodle-type flotation device, in order to convert it into a vibrating and floating sexual assembly

Our mission is to develop innovative, aquatic pleasure products which take advantage of the near weightless environment experienced by the effects of near neutral buoyancy, combined with the other neurochemical benefits of flotation that facilitate peak sexual experiences.


Jan P., Santa Ana, CA  -  “All I can say is wow! ...Floating multiple orgasms were euphoric. I’ve never felt so relaxed. Sex with my partner afterwards was over the top! The feeling lasted for days.”

Nickie W., Riverside, CA  -  “ I couldn't get out of the pool, once I tried it for the first time.  Very relaxing and truly a unique sensation!”

Lisa C., CT  -  “The jets and hot water in the hot tub combined with floating and smooth vibrations from my GR were fantastic.  Would recommend this product to anybody looking for an extraordinary experience."

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