Q: What color is the Gnarly Rider®?
The Gnarly Rider™ comes in four color:
Aqua        Pink         Green       Orange




Q: Is the Gnarly Rider® safe to use in the pool or hot tub?
The Gnarly Rider™ is designed specifically for aquatic use.   It is made of high grade silicone and is non-toxic, safe to use underwater, non-porous so it cleans easily and can be used in chlorinated or saltwater pools and hot tubs.

Q: Does the Gnarly Rider® protect my vibrator from submersion under water?
No.  You must use water proof vibrators or bullets that are designed for full underwater submersion, i.e. WATERPROOF.

Q: How do you use the Gnarly Rider® saddle?

 *You can insert the waterproof vibrator with the control knob accessible while riding or you can set the vibrator to the desired speed and flip it around for a different sensation. (Bathing Suit Optional)

Q: Is the Gnarly Rider® shipped discreetly?
The external packaging we use for this product is discreet, there are no references to any sexual material.  Plain wrapper.

Q: Is the Gnarly Rider® sold with a bullet or vibrator or are they sold separately?
The Gnarly Rider™ comes pre-packaged with a 10 speed silver bullet.


Q: Does the Gnarly Rider® come with a noodle or are they sold separately?
No, noodles are sold separately and are widely available at local retailers and pool supply stores.

Q: Does the Gnarly Rider® fit a particular size noodle?
No, the Gnarly Rider™ fits most common size noodles ( 2 ¾” – 3 ½” Diameter).  The silicone straps are adjustable, allowing the saddle to fit most noodles.  Stainless steel rivets hold the straps in place with various size settings.

Q: Does the Gnarly Rider® stay firmly in place on the elongated noodle-type flotation device (“noodle”), while I am riding?
The underside of the Gnarly Rider™ saddle has been fabricated with an anti-slip finish, keeping it firmly in place on the noodle during use.

Q: Does the Gnarly Rider® have a warranty?
Yes, Gnarly Ride, Inc. stands by the quality, workmanship and design of its product.

Q: What’s next for Gnarly Ride?
We will continue to make aquatic sex tools that can be playful, enjoyable and sexually stimulating in the pool and hot tub.