What is a Gnarly Rider® Silicone Saddle?


While floating nearly weightless, the GNARLY RIDER® delivers exquisite, stimulation that is POWERFUL AND TURBULENT with your favorite waterproof bullet or vibrator. The saddle feels so erotic between your legs that it is BALLS OUT DANGEROUS providing EXTREME PLEASURE throughout your body every time you climax.

The multiple orgasms you receive from floating all day long while you are sexually aroused are OVER THE TOP. The GNARLY RIDER® may be experienced alone, shared with your partner, or if you really like to get downright  NASTY, with your friends at pool parties. BEYOND RADICAL!

The GNARLY RIDER® saddle which houses the waterproof vibrator or bullet, provides discreet and quiet fun in the water, offering smooth, soothing vibrationsThe silicone orb tantalizes your clitoris as you float in a state of bliss.

All combined, the GNARLY RIDER® experience may be summed up as AQUATICEROTIC PERFECTION!

 “I started Gnarly, with a mission to invent a unique line of sexually stimulating adult pool tools after discovering the #FloatingOrgasm®. – Ronda Sue, CEO & Founder

The Gnarly Rider® silicone saddle harnesses the unique benefits of floating combined with sexual stimulation.  Studies suggest that 75% of women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone. Ten to fifteen percent NEVER climax under any circumstances.  Numerous studies support the neurochemical benefits of floating.  Floating increases the production of endorphins and reduces levels of stress related agents, whereby orgasm while floating is more likely to be achieved. 

 “I wanted to develop a product, which provided a truly unique sexual experience, otherwise unavailable by conventional means, in order to assist women in achieving multiple orgasms.  Floating provides such a medium to facilitate peak sexual experiences.