Gnarly Erotica - Cum Swing with Me

Jessica flicked the surface of the pool water with the tip of her manicured nail. She inhaled deeply and smiled, sinking herself deeper against her Gnarly Rider. She loved the smell of chlorine. Especially chlorine at night. It filled her lungs like a drug – the only drug that she’d ever known that screamed vacation. In her dainty hand was a drink, a pink mojito she sipped from with equally pink lips.

She grinned around the glass as Shayla swam toward her. Jessica held out an elegant, tanned arm for the woman, wrapping it around her shoulders like a fishhook as soon as she was close enough. Under the water, her legs wrapped around her hips. Under the cover of a dark, cloudy sky, that was difficult for anyone else to see.

“Aw, did someone get lonely?” she cooed, pressing her mouth to the woman’s ear. Her fingers brushed back locks of tightly wound brown hair. Over her shoulder, Jessica could see their husbands standing around the bar, deep in conversation on tall whicker stools. They were both holding two full glasses of beer, six bucks each.

“So lonely,” Shayla mewled as she sidled up to her, her wet bikini top pushing against her own. Their slick breasts felt heavenly pressed against one another, warm in the cool water. Jessica sought out her lips and kissed her, tasting the Pina Colada on her tongue, eyeing both their husband’s with a watchful, lustful gaze while she licked the roof of the other woman’s mouth.

A hand slipped past her stringy bottom and she gasped. There was a drunken giggle as Shayla reached further in, groping her sex sloppily, masturbating waves moving in time with her hips thrusting against wanting fingers and the Gnarly Rider. It felt wonderful and she melted in her arms, back pressed against the concrete wall. The woman kissed and sucked on her neck while her fingers parted her folds, slipping inside, teasing her with an agonizingly slow pull and push. Her hips rocked to the rhythm she set. Oh – oh.
She’d never been so forward before. In public, no less.

What was a married woman to do?

At the bar, Erik slapped his friend’s arm, pointing a finger over at the two women floating alone.
Jessica’s head was thrown back and Shayla was relentless with her stiffened clit. She writhed against the pool noodle, one toe breaking the surface as she fought to kick. “Oh, God, please. Please.”

“Shhh,” Shayla hushed, kissing her cheek and grinning in amusement. She worked a second hand down below and slid her fingers in, as many as Jessica liked, and with the stretch of a third the newly wed came with a shudder. “There you go.”

Jessica bit her lip and leaned against the woman, enjoying how she smoothed the water over her delightfully prickling skin. Her pussy throbbed and she moaned, already missing the sweet torture of one of Shayla working her oversensitive cunt.

With a determined look in her eye, she pointed at her husband and the man next to him, calling them toward her with a single curling finger.