GNARLY RIDE Inventor Ronda Montelli Shares All with Johnny Dare Morning Show

Las Vegas, NV (April 2, 2016) – Gnarly Rider™ inventor, Ronda Montelli, started March with a surprise appearance on the Johnny Dare Morning Show.   During a lively interview highlighting Gnarly Rider™ as the website of the day, Ronda Montelli shared with the benefits of the floating orgasm with the Kansas City morning drive time commuters.  The GNARLY RIDER™ is a ground-breaking sex tool for women to experience the unparalleled next generation of sexual pleasure – the floating orgasm.

Listen to the interview:  Johnny Dare Morning Show Interview

"I totally enjoyed the Johnny Dare Morning Show interview and sharing the benefits of the Gnarly Ride floating orgasm with the morning crowd in Kansas City.  The Gnarly Ride is an excellent addition to the sex life of individual women, couples, and swingers.  The floating orgasm far outlasts traditional masturbation and gives an added kick start to sex,” states Ronda Montelli, owner and creator of the GNARLY RIDER™ silicone saddle (*Patent Pending).

Just adding water to increase pleasure for a floating orgasm, the GNARLY RIDER™ takes pleasure to a new level with a silicone saddle that straps onto a pool noodle.  Numerous studies support the neuro-chemical benefits of floating, which increase the production of endorphins and reduce levels of stress agents.   The GNARLY RIDER™ saddle houses a universal waterproof vibrator or bullet encourages orgasm with soothing vibrations culminating in aquatic, erotic perfection – the floating orgasm.

“Relaxing waves of buoyancy combined with the weightless environment of the pool adds to the sexual stimulation experience of a floating orgasm.  Most women find that a floating orgasm revives the pleasure of a first orgasm," notes Ronda Montelli of the GNARLY RIDER™ silicone saddle.


The GNARLY RIDER™ silicone saddle harnesses the unique benefits of floating combined with sexual stimulation. The Gnarly Rider™ is an innovative, aquatic sex tool, which takes advantage of the near weightless environment experienced by the effects of near neutral buoyancy (water), combined with the other neuro-chemical benefits of flotation that facilitate peak sexual experiences. Take advantage of the heightened, prolonged sensation that is obtained by sexual stimulation while using the GNARLY RIDER™ silicone saddle with various waterproof bullets and vibrators.

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